Notice to all subscribers of DURO RIDER Media and DURO RIDER Gazette!

The subscriber area on the website is still open and the archive is still active, however all subscriber auto renewals have been cancelled.
On numerous occasions I have been contacted or cases have been opened via Paypal, essentially where subscribers did not realise that they were subscribing for the access to the DRG archive or DRM subscriber area and this would automatically renew on their Paypal accounts. To prevent this from happening, all that was required was to visit your Paypal account and cancel the recurring payment or email me and I could cancel it from this end.

Whilst there are ongoing projects and the website is still running, the DRG had ceased publication last year and although the intention was to produce more content purely for subscriber viewing, it may be some time before that materialises, hence why the subscriptions have been cancelled and there will be no new subscribers permitted for some time. Once projects get off the ground and new publications launch, then subscriptions will resume.

Although I have been purposely inactive on social media accounts for some time, the website and YouTube accounts will still automatically post updates to social media pages if and when new content is produced. However, the aim is to work on existing projects until such time as to make them public, hence why the pages will largely remain quiet for the time being.

Thanks All