DURO RIDER Media specialises in publishing imagery and creative works with interests in lifestyles and arts, motorcycle cultures, travel and architecture.
Publications include: ‘Extended Life’ series, ‘DURO RIDER Gazette’, ‘The Lancelot’ as well as developing photographic and filming projects within these fields or developing imagery for music or commercial projects.

DURO RIDER Media includes services and design consultations for websites, social media, videos & multimedia, promotions & productions and publications.
As passionate motorcyclists, writers, photographers and artists working with different mediums, the desire was to create a new style of publication that dealt with motorcycle lifestyles and arts as well as showcasing and promoting talented motorcycle people from all over the world. DURO RIDER Gazette online magazine developed unique content & stories on rider talents, performances & issues, images and arts from the riding globe. This alternative motorcycle magazine that showcased the artistic, creative & performing lifestyles was Independent, inclusive and provided opportunities for everyday motorcyclists to share and showcase their lives and talents…whatever they may be, and also have successful opportunities to have their written and photographic works published and gain worthwhile experience too.

DURO RIDER Challenge!

We’ve been riding motorcycles and involved in rider performance & arts for many years, along with photography, videography, documentary projects & content publishing.

DURO RIDER is about exploring…not only the roads amd landscape but also the limits of personal creativity, whether in photography, filmmaking, music, arts & performances or writing. The essence of DURO RIDER is to highlight & promote the talents and experiences of the people that forge & bond the biking world and those beyond also.

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We develop new media concepts & advertising opportunities that will enhance your project, business, event or campaign.

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We work with creative people, whether in the workshop, in the art studio, recording studio or on fliming projects to showcase their talents and promote the artistry and creativity from within. We’re currently developing numerous media projects as well as shortly releasing new publications via our shop or directly via Amazon.